What is Graphene

Graphene – Material of the 21st Century

Graphene is a natural material with amazing potential to transform our lives. The world’s strongest and thinnest material, emerging graphene companies and technologies are poised to transform many products we use in our everyday lives – from computers and mobile devices to batteries and airplanes – in the very near future. Graphene has a limitless potential to enhance a multitude of goods. First discovered in 2004, graphene is 300 times stronger than steel, harder than diamonds and conducts electricity and heat better than any material ever discovered.

One of the fastest growing graphene companies worldwide, Graphene Ventures uses an exclusive, patented approach of developing graphene that has opened new market opportunities for this amazing new product. Contact us to find out more about this new wonder material that has ignited the interest of top scientists and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

High-Quality, Low-Cost Graphene is Ready for Prime Time

Do you want to transform your product with graphene technology but it’s just too expensive? If so, we have great news for you! Thanks to a new exclusive, patented process, graphene applications in a variety of commercial and consumer products is finally affordable.
Graphene applications are now limitless.

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