High-Quality, Low-Cost Graphene is Ready for Prime Time


Graphene applications are now limitless

Do you want to transform your product with graphene technology but it´s just too expensive? If so, we have great news for you! Thanks to a new exclusive, patented process, graphene applications in a variety of commercial and consumer products is finally affordable

After its discovery in 2004 by researchers at the University of Manchester, graphene quickly sparked the imagination of academic researchers, Fortune 500 companies and multi-million dollar investors. However, due to its high cost it rarely made it out of the laboratory. Traditionally graphene use in products was too expensive and cost prohibitive to incorporate into a wide range of new products. Until now. Graphene technology is finally poised to change our lives.

Today, the new reality is that typical graphene applications only need a small percentage of graphene material to achieve amazing results. This combined with the fact that our patented process has significantly lowered the cost to produce graphene, it’s the right time to incorporate graphene technology into our everyday lives.

Graphene’s flat honeycomb-like structure of perfectly arranged carbon atoms makes it the world’s strongest and thinnest material. It has been said that it would take an elephant balanced on the tip of a needle to break through a single one-atom-thick graphene sheet. Now that’s strong. 300 times stronger than steel and stronger than Kevlar, in fact. We call graphene the Superman of carbon materials.

Carbon is an extraordinarily versatile element – it can produce hard diamonds or soft graphite. Graphene has several exceptional characteristics, allowing it to be used in countless ways from computer chips and mobile devices to airplane wings. Since graphene is so thin, it has the potential to be the most cost-effective and energy efficient way to filter radioactive materials and heavy metal contaminants from water.

At Graphene Ventures we have developed an exclusive patented method of developing graphene, thereby opening new potential market to this amazing new product. We have high-quality materials in three forms: graphene oxide, graphene flake and graphene oxide flake.

Today, graphene applications are limitless and its cost saving potential huge. It will likely play an important role in many products and processes in the future.

Call us today to get graphene “the next wonder material” at a lower cost. Our experts will work closely with you to select the right graphene product for you.