Graphene Ventures is one of the fastest growing graphene companies specializing in the manufacturing and production of graphene using our new, patented method that reduces the overall production cost. Graphene Ventures is a team of two companies. Graphene Ventures is the global sales and distribution company, while Grapheneall is the research lab and manufacturing arm.

Our research and production team at Grapheneall is led by three renowned PhD scientists with expertise in graphene manufacturing and research. Together they have researched, developed, published and have been awarded several patents for graphene manufacturing and applications.  When it comes to understanding graphene, developing applications and supporting our clients, our technical team is one of the best in the industry.

U.S.-based Graphene Ventures is led by a CEO with a distinguished career in international sales and new technology. Our sales and distribution team includes an operations manager based in Korea and director of marketing and sales based in the U.S.

Graphene Ventures is driven to make Graphene available to the masses. We specialize in providing affordable graphene and advancing graphene technology and applications. Using a patented manufacturing process, we produce affordable graphene for use in nearly every industry, product and application. Our high-quality, low-cost graphene is available for purchase in three forms: graphine oxide, graphene flake, and graphene oxide flake.

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